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After booking

After you have booked your trip, you may find useful the following information.

Crew list

Please take care to collect on time all necessary information to fill in the crew list. Please type the following document through computer and send it to us.

Yachts location

Our yachts are located at Pier 6 at Alimos Marina. Pier 6 is located opposite to the Dia Noche Cafe.,23.7034775,17z/data=!3m1!4b1


Via bus. The X96 bus leaves approximately every 20 minutes from the airport. The X96 bus departs from the Arrivals Level, between Exits 4 and 5. It costs 6,00 euro per person and you will have to get off at stop “Edem – Kalamaki”. The bus stop is right at the entrance of the Marina (you will see a gas station which is also located there). Follow the road till you reach the water and then turn left.

Via Taxi (easy to find at the airport).

Private transportation. Contact us in case you require any help to arrange pick up from the airport (taxi – minibus). Safety advise. As in all European countries, Greece is safe for tourists. However, if you will use the local transport remember to keep an eye on your wallets.

Super market

You can order online and find everything on board through the following link. Μπαλάσκας Delicatessen Super Marker & Yacht Provisioning ( Else, there are several supermarkets around the Marina.