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Safe booking

Safe Booking
Many of our reservations are made by existing customers, other by customers who have received a recommendation for us, other by people who met us in exhibitions, talked to us and trusted us. For those who know us first through our internet page, we respect your need to get more information about us, before you feel safe to travel with us. 

Who we are
Sailing Blue services are provided by two companies
1. The Sailing Blue – Periklis Gkikas Tourist and Yacht Charter Office, which operates as a sole proprietorship and is licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organization under license number 0208E63000833101. For the license, he has delivered to the GNTO a bank guarantee letter guaranteeing the proper provision of services in accordance with the law. Greek law on tourism is very strict and Greece is a country with a strong tourist tradition that ensures and guarantees the quality of tourist services.
2. The shipping company Sailing Blue MCPY that rents vessels owned by it. 
For both companies, Mr. Pericles Gkikas is the legal representative and director. You can meet him in many exhibitions in Europe where we participate with our own exhibition space, or others we visit. You can also contact him either by email or by phone. 

Secure booking
For each rental boat reservation, you receive a charter agreement signed both by the travel agency and the shipping company, which means that both parties are bound to observe the terms of the contract.In addition, our financial information is reviewed annually by Yachtpool, from which you can receive additional security after you send out our charter agreement. Also, through the Pantaenious insurance company that accepts our charter agreements, you can obtain comprehensive travel insurance that includes insurance from non-provision of services for whatever reason it does not concern your own fault. 

Banking transactions

If you do a credit card transaction, it is through the secure banking environment of Alphabank and you have the extra insurance that accompanies your credit card. 

Safe trip
We specialize exclusively in the provision of travel services in Greece, a country that we know well, since we have been living and working in the last 50 years. We know Greek seas, islands, beaches, meteorological conditions, safe harbors and anchorages. Our captains and boats travel every week to the same destinations, our knowledge and experiences are constantly renewed in order to provide a safe and enjoyable journey.
Repeated customers
Our customers are returning again and again, as you can see on our internet and Facebook page.