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A video from Sailing Blue trips around Milos

Day 1. We will start at 14:00 for a sailing route of 25 sea miles from Alimos Marina to Cape Sounion. We will be sailing along the riviera of Athens.

Cape Sounion

Depending on weather conditions we will stop for a nice swimming either in Cape Sounion Bay or a bit earlier at Patroklos island.

Kolona double bay in \Kythnos

After a light meal our next destination is the island of Kythnos and the famous Kolona double bay. We will overnight in this bay. We have the option to have dinner on board or to visit the local tavern on the beach.

Swimming in Koutalas Bay

Day 2: After breakfast and a short swimming in the Kolona Bay we will sail towards the island of Serifos. A short stop for swimming and meal at Koutalas bay before we sail again.

The bears of Milos

We will sail for another 25 mile towards the island of Milos and we will overnight in Adamas port. We will sail near the famous rocks called the bears before entering the bay of Adamas.

Kleftiko Bay

Day 3: We will start sailing around the Milos island and our first visit will be the famous Kleftiko bay.

Exploring Milos caves

We will spend the day swimming and exploring the famous Kleftiko caves. Depending on weather conditions we will overnight at Kleftiko or we will sail to one of the next bays of south Milos. We also have the option to sail towards the islands of Polyaigos or Kimolos.

Free Swimming

Day 4: We will spend the day sailing and swimming in the area of the islands Milos, Kimolos, Polyaigos. Depending on weather conditions we will overnight in a bay of these islands or we will sail to the south side of Sifnos.


Day 5: We will sail to the island of Serifos. A visit to the Chora on the mountain and to the castle with the stunning view is a must. Enjoy dinner at a tavern on the beach of Livadi.

Serifos Chora

Day 6: We will sail to Kythnos island. Depending on weather conditions we have the option to select several bays like Loutra of Kythnos with hot springs or Merihas port, all with nice taverns on the beach.

Sailing in the Sunset

Day 7: Our last sailing day can be combined with a lot of sea activity like swimming, water sports, SUP, fishing and arriving late in order to enjoy the Sunset during sailing. In the evening we are back at Alimos Marina.

Our route to Milos

Day 8: Check out at 09:00