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  • Sail to Poros - 3 days sailing trip
  • Sail to Poros - 3 days sailing trip
  • Sail to Poros - 3 days sailing trip
  • Sail to Poros - 3 days sailing trip
  • Sail to Poros - 3 days sailing trip
  • LAGOON 450 FLYBRIDGE sailing yacht
  • Sail to Poros - 3 days sailing trip
Sailing on our luxury catamarans

Day 1. We will start at 14:00 for a sailing route of 30 sea miles from Alimos Marina to Poros island. Depending on weather conditions we will stop for a nice swimming either in Agia Marina of Aegina Bay or in one of Poros Bays.

Sail to Poros

Approaching the port of Poros, you will be impressed by the image of green hills and traditional houses on the seafront. Poros has a large and safe harbor, very friendly to sailing yachts. Enjoy walking along the harbor, as well as the alleys within the city. Seafront taverns, will offer you fresh fish and traditional Mediterranean food.

We will overnight in a bay or at the port of Poros depending on weather conditions. Sleeping on board in our luxury catamaran cabins will be an unforgettable experience.

Aegina Port

Day 2: After breakfast and a short walk on the island of Poros we will start for a short trip of around 15 miles to the island of Aegina. We have the possibility to buy the famous pistachios nuts that are produced locally.

Moni islet

To swim in gorgeous turquoise waters, we will sail to the protected islet Moni.

Swimming in a bay

Swimming and trying some water sports around the yacht will be an unforgettable experience

Perdika fishvillage

At the fishing village of Perdika, opposite Moni islet, enjoy a delicious dinner and spend the night at this small port.

Day 3: We will sail back to Athens while having breakfast on board. We will arrive to Athens Alimos Marina at 10:30 a.m. and we will check out at 11:00 a.m.

Sail to Poros Route